Once Upon a Trip…

Visit the world with us.

Not all those who wander are lost.



Travelling in the mountains brings you close to nature. The Life as it was meant to be.


Beaches fascinate you with their vastness and the unknown that lies beneath.


Visiting cities in the different parts of the world allow you to experience different cultures.

The journey continues…

Latest Blogs…

Once Upon a Trip…to Puducherry

First things first, history was not my favourite subject during high school. I mean I loved learning about things, but what happened in which year, which dynasty won, reigned over which city (currently known as what), I could never remember. Moreover, for my high school board exams, I merely studied 16 out of the damn… Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Trip…to the “Taj Mahal”

Travelling on your own with your travelling partner is one thing, managing a group is another. When you travel by yourselves, you are independent to make decisions on the go. On the other hand, travelling with a group, especially if you are the one having more experience of travelling, requires you to be more cautious… Continue Reading →


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