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Once Upon a Trip…

Visit the world with us.

Not all those who wander are lost.



Travelling in the mountains brings you close to nature. The Life as it was meant to be.


Beaches fascinate you with their vastness and the unknown that lies beneath.


Visiting cities in the different parts of the world allow you to experience different cultures.

The journey continues…

Latest Blogs…

Once Upon a Trip…to Coorg (Part-1)

Spoiler alert: The protagonist will not reach Coorg by the end of this blog. We had just returned from a month long trip to the US. We came to learn about an upcoming conference in Mangalore, India and that to us meant a new destination to explore. We saw this as an opportunity to visit… Continue Reading →

Are YOU responsible enough?

Today is 5th June, 2020. Every year, this day is celebrated (designated) as the World Environment day. I see so many people post pictures on Facebook and Instagram talking about the need to act, which is great, but there is a need to look at the mirror and ask ourselves: Are you responsible enough? In… Continue Reading →


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